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The plan for the blog portion of this site has always been, in part, posting simple how-to documentation for friends to view. That continues to be the primary goal of the blog. I haven’t been very consistent with actually writing documentation in my personal life though. That’s changed this year with my personal discovery of Obsidian.


I highly recommend anyone who likes taking notes wander their way over to the Obsidian website, and see what makes it wonderful. I care about it for

  • Vendor Tie-In: I never really have to worry about moving away from Obsidian, since it just uses locally stored markdown files. Moving to another platform is just a matter of copying the raw files over if it supports markdown, or converting them somehow otherwise.
  • Portability: Due to the nature of the files, it’s completely up to the user how they want to handle the files. Locally store? Done. Sync between devices with Syncthing? Easy. Git? Cryptomator? Google Drive? OneDrive? All of these are easily implemented to fit in with whatever your workflow is. And if you really want it, they offer their own sync service.
  • Graph view: Discoverability of notes, and visualizing how complex thoughts and documentation relate to each other is significantly better on Obsidian than any other note application I’ve used. This is particularly valuable for sharing documentation with someone new.
  • HUGO: It goes without saying, but since it’s based on markdown, I can just copy the files over to HUGO and post to this site.

I’ve spent many, many hours documenting my existing personal infrastructure, and guides on how to replicate things I’ve done in Obsidian. If I think people I know could benefit from it I’ll copy them over to this site. Expect to have a lot more files joining the blog for the next little bit! Keep in mind, it won’t be everything, and it generally won’t be anything I wrote for work. So expect lower quality guides than I am capable of. These are all written pretty quick, and I just want to share them with people.

Final Thoughts

As always, I’m constantly learning new things! If I’ve made a mistake about something on the site, feel free to reach out to me on the contact page and let me know!



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